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International Week 2018
PH Niederösterreich - Campus Baden
2500 Baden, Mühlgasse 67

Monday May 28th - Friday June 1st, 2018

Topic Palm Tree: European Project Palm (Promoting authentic language acquisition in multilingual contexts) and teaching, research, education and evaluation in teacher education.

Download: Program International Week 2018  

Online Journal R&E Source: Proceedings der International Week 2018 - ERASMUS+ Project PALM

Tuesday, May 29th
Alfred Posamentier (Long Island University, Brooklyn): "Responsibilities in teaching Mathematics: Motivation, Enrichment and Great Teaching" Presentation PDF

Kathleen Keefe-Cooperman (Long Island University, Brooklyn): "Training teachers in digital literacy" Presentation PDF  

Vilmos Vass (Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary): "The Impact of Professional Learning Community and Collaboration in Higher Education" Presentation PDF  

Bojana Beric, Leeja Carter, Jessica Rosenberg (Long Island University, Brooklyn), Karl Zarhuber (PH NÖ), Eva Hiegesberger, Brigitta Schnaubelt: "The pathways of young migrants in the education system of Lower Austria and NYC: Development of new approaches and exchange of practical pedagogical models" Presentation PDF  

Peter Hillman, Amanda Gunning, Meghan Marerro (Mercy College, New York): "Supporting the Development of K-12 Science Teacher High Impact Practices: Perspectives from Program Implementation and Research in the Field" Presentation PDF  

Alexandra Danz (Mercy College, New York): "A Breath of Fresh Air: A Refreshing Initiative for Outdoor Learning in the Science Curriculum" Presentation PDF  

Wednesday, May 30th
Presentation of the PALM project Website and Leaflet 

Thursday, May 31st
Vienna Secession - guided tour Website 

Friday, 1st June
Maria Theodoropoulou (University of Patras, Greece): "Science and Art" Presentation PDF  

Edda Polz (PH NÖ): "Implementing GK2/GK4 as an instrument for evaluation in English at primary school" Presentation PDF 

Duane Stillwell (Mercy College, New York): "Tools and Resources to Meet the Needs of New Language Learners in the Science Classroom" Presentation PDF  

Bernadette Kövérné Nagyházi (University of Kaposvar, Hungary): "Attitude towards bilingual education on primary level – an experiential survey among parents and pedagogues" Presentation PDF 

Zsuzsanna Szilvási (University of Kaposvar, Hungary): "Place and assessment of foreign language education and knowledge" Presentation PDF 


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