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International Week 2016

May 30th  –  June 4th, 2016

Teaching, Mentoring and Research in and across the Disciplines: 

Integrating the Arts, Language, and Culture 

Download: Program International Week 2016

Tuesday, May 31th - Drama

Claudia Mewald, Sabine Wallner, Elisabeth Weitz-Polydoros (PH NÖ): Introduction PPT Mewald Wallner Weitz.pdf  
Wendy Mages (Mercy College, NY): Educational Drama   
Loes Bastiaansen and Hans v Eerden (Inholland University, Haarlem): Music and Drama - Embodied learning PPT Bastiaansen_Eerden1.pdf
Michael McNulty (Wise University, Virginia): Imagine Yourself
Heidelinde Balzarek and Monika Blaschke (PH NÖ): Playing with shadows – shadow puppetry PPT Balzarek_Blaschke.pdf  
Eva Unterweger (PH Wien): Ibrahim Mohamed-Fadel, Salama Mohamed Lamin, Salek Sidahmed Omar(Western Sahara Refugee Camps): The Attraction of the Other – Cooperation in Teacher Formation

Wednesday, June 1th - Language, Mathematics, Science and Teaching the Talents

Zsuzsanna Szilvási (Kaposvár University, Hungary): Efficient language education from the kindergarten to the university  PPT Szilvási.pdf 
Olga De Jesus (Mercy College, NY): Integrating the Arts to Facilitate Second (English) Language Learning  PPT DeJesus.pdf  
Bernadette Kövérné Nagyházi (Kaposvár University, Hungary): Language competences in early stages of the learning process – puppet show in the language class   PPT Nagyházi.pdf  
Alfred S. Posamentier (Long Island University, NY): Mathematics in Art, Architecture and Nature  PPT Posamentier.pdf  
Peter C. Hillman, Andrea Coddett (Mercy College, NY): Vertically Articulated Professional Learning Communities  PPT Hillmann_Coddett.pdf  
Nancy N. Heilbronner (Mercy College, NY): The Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Science  PPT Heilbronner.pdf  
Peter Ryan (Wise University, Virginia): Teaching Talent: Reverse Engineering Your Skills  PPT Ryan.pdf  

Friday, June 3nd - Music, Arts and Creativity

Loes Bastiaansen and Hans v Eerden (Inholland Hogeschool, Haarlem): Integration of the arts   PPT Bastiaansen_Eerden2.pdf  
Vilmos Vass (Metropolitan University, Budapest): Creative Leadership and the Professional Learning Communities  PPT Vass.pdf  
Hubert Gruber and Josef Buchner (PH NÖ): Stairplay – step by step: making music and more with the first seven letters of the alphabet naming the notes
Hannah Wunsch Ryan (Wise University, Virginia): Movement and Music
Kaarina Marjanen (Laurea University, Finland): Music education. The Carnival of the Animals an iPad app to support interaction

Performance: The other side of truth. A young adult novel by Beverly Naidoo 

Saturday, June 4th - Research, Mentoring and School Management

John Elliott (University of East Anglia, UK): Lesson Study in Mentoring and School Development   PPT Elliott.pdf 
Maria-Luise Braunsteiner (PH NÖ): Implementing the Index for Inclusion for Inclusive Schools:  A New Paradigm  PPT Braunsteiner.pdf 
Christine O‘Hanlon (University of East Anglia, UK): Action Research for Inclusive Schools and Classrooms  PPT O´Hanlon.pdf