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Information for incoming students

Fall-/Winter term31. Jan. 2021Summer term01. Mar. - 03. July 2021
official arrival23. Sept. 2020official arrival23. Feb. 2021
APPROVAL (mandatory)23. Sept. 2020APPROVAL (mandatory)23. Feb. 2021
Welcome Week23. - 30. Sept. 2020Welcome Week 23. - 26. Feb. 2021
Examination days01. - 12. Feb. 2021Examination days05. - 16. July 2021

Are you interested in studying at the University of Teacher Education Lower Austria?

On the following pages you will find information to support you on this path: 

Step 1: Nomination

Step 2: Online Application, Extension of Stay

Erasmus+ FAQ's Incomings

Accommodation and Arrival

Our City