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(1) STEOP (= introductory and orientation period)

Duration and scope
The STEOP is completed in the 1st semester of the Bachelor’s programme. It comprises 10 ECTS-CP. It is possible to complete 20 additional ECTS-CP before completing the STEOP.

The STEOP serves as

  • Orientation in the field of study and profession
  • Reflection on the choice of study
  • Examination of essential aspects and requirements of the study programme and the profession
  • Promotion of basic skills of the students.

They provide a basic orientation for the relationship between scientific discipline, subject didactics, educational science, and practical experience in a profession-oriented context. They are related to each other in terms of content and are marked as belonging to the STEOP.

Performance and skill assessment
It is based on the acquired skills as described in the associated course. The examinations of the STEOP may be repeated three times.

Termination of the study programme
Admission to the degree programme expires if students have been assessed negatively in a prescribed examination of the STEOP – even at the last repetition.


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