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Edited volume

Edited Volume on Futures Literacy

Futures Literacy
Zukunft lernen und lehren

Edited by Carmen Sippl, Gerhard Brandhofer & Erwin Rauscher
Innsbruck et al.: Studienverlag
(Pädagogik für Niederösterreich, vol. 13)
ISBN 978-3-7065-6263-8
DOI: https://doi.org/10.53349/oa.2022.a2.170

UNESCO has declared Futures Literacy as an essential competence for the 21st century. Each individual should be empowered to develop strategies for coping with an uncertain future in the face of climate change. Futures Literacy encompasses the anticipation and imagination of alternative futures, the acceptance of complexity and a new understanding of our capacities to act, in order to develop concrete ideas, positive images and creative solutions with responsibility.

What exactly is this: competence in shaping the future? What educational content focuses on the challenges facing society? How can the digital disruptions be used for transformation? What creative, cultural, artistic practices open up ecological awareness? Which model and exemplary implementations can be designed in the school at the present time? Which didactic concepts anchor Futures Literacy in teacher training?

Thinking – telling – shaping the future: The interdisciplinary contributions in this anthology not only show the broad spectrum of aspects that are bundled in the concept of Futures Literacy. They also make it clear how futures education can succeed in concrete educational processes.