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Course: Children benefit from research

Master’s thesis research workshop

Admission requirements


Semester: 9

Supervision of the Master’s thesis


This research workshop prepares students for the conception and implementation of a research project within the framework of the Master’s thesis through an in-depth examination of theoretical and methodological content. Students get to know the scientific methodologies and methods of educational sciences as well as their related disciplines and subject didactics. The aim is to transfer one’s own educational science and/or subject didactic research questions into research designs and to implement their discursive development and consolidation with regard to one’s own Master’s thesis.

  • Get to know research approaches in the educational sciences, their related disciplines, and in the subject didactics
  • Are familiar with, distinguish, and reflect on research methods (empirical–qualitative, empirical–quantitative, non-empirical, mixed-methods)
  • Discuss and design survey instruments and evaluation methods
  • Critically reflect on research objects
  • Research ethics in the context of educational research
  • Quality criteria of research work related to the professional field
  • Structure and process of empirical and non-empirical research projects with application-related topics

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