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Course: Children want to learn

Becoming a teacher – being a teacher Guiding learning – growing and becoming

Admission requirements


Semester: 1

introductory and orientation period (STEOP)


Learning in different social institutions and educational settings is considered from several perspectives in order to provide a basis for occupation-specific basic skills with a view to the role of the teacher in learning/teaching situations. Individual activities promote theory-based and critical reflection from a propaedeutic scientific point of view.

  • Core skills (self-)reflection, reflection of the teacher role, multi-perspectivity of perception
  • Practical exploration of educational scenarios and facilities
  • Reflection and analysis of observed learning situations under aspects of heterogeneity
  • Learning spaces of children: Families, kindergartens, schools, educational support, open youth facilities
  • Acquisition of occupation-specific basic skills
  • Shape a culture of error

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