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Course: Children recognise mathematical connections

Subject didactic consolidation in mathematics

Admission requirements


Semester: 5

Cultural techniques


The students recognise the connections between numerics and geometry and use the linking possibilities for didactic implementation. In this course, they deal with the requirements of initial teaching and expand their subject didactic repertoire for the derivation and conversion of quantities. They get to know methods for working on factual tasks and creating their own interdisciplinary learning products and expand their skills in realising their own learning environments. They recognise learning processes and evaluate corresponding achievements in a criterion-oriented and appreciative manner.

  • Networking of numerics and geometry
  • Length, area, and space measures as well as time, measures of capacity, measures of mass, and currency
  • Working out the perimeter, area, surface area, and volume of geometric figures
  • Beginning mathematics
  • Factual tasks (text comprehension, modelling process, solution strategies)
  • Learning and discovery environments in mathematics for all pupils
  • Learning supportive feedback and specific subject-related summative and formative performance assessment in mathematics
  • Action-oriented strategies and activities in content-integrative mathematics instruction to initiate rational thinking processes and to understand the practical usability of mathematics in an international context

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