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Course: Serve children with applied research

Supervision of the Master’s thesis

Admission requirements


Semester: 10

Supervision of the Master’s thesis


This course supports the students in writing a Master’s thesis on a topic related to the professional field. Students choose subject areas in the context of subject didactics and/or educational science approaches. The topics are ideally based on their concrete experience as a teacher at the school location. For the Master’s thesis, they develop an empirical and/or non-empirical research design on the basis of which they plan and conduct their own research- and theory-based study. In addition to further subject-specific consolidation, they acquire theoretically and methodically sound knowledge in the processing of problems and issues in educational science, subject didactics, and interdisciplinary topics through the writing of the Master’s thesis. They prepare the presentation of their acquired knowledge and results in the framework of the defence.

  • Exclusive tutorial: Individual counselling and support in the conception, execution, and writing of the Master’s thesis by the Master’s thesis supervisor (1 ECTS-CP)
  • Writing workshop: Consultation and support of the writing of the Master’s thesis in small groups; further development of one’s own scientific writing skills and consolidation in dealing with specialist literature and scientific conventions (1 ECTS-CP)
  • Research workshop: Reflection workshop with a methodological focus (mutual exchange, consultation, discussion, and further development of the individual Master’s thesis projects in small groups) (2 ECTS-CP)

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