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Course: Children shape school through their diversity

Learning in the horizon of school in the 21st century

Admission requirements


Semester: 9



Educational institutions are subject to constant change according to social conditions and because of the results of pedagogical research in the organisational as well as in the subject–didactic area. The students gain insights into organisational and structural aspects of profiles for inclusive school and teaching development. In addition, the focus is on different didactic concepts for a variety of specific pedagogical needs under the aspect of designing inclusive teaching–learning environments.

  • Educational reforms and reform pedagogical concepts in exemplary applications in subject didactics (mathematics, creative subjects)
  • Empirical approaches to school and classroom research
  • Profiles for inclusive school and teaching development in the national and international context; empirical findings and practical examples with reference to selected teaching subjects
  • Quality of teaching and school (individual curriculum development); inclusive didactics in practice; characteristics of good teaching and good schools
  • School development (SQA development plan; e.g. index for inclusion)
  • Professionalism: Cooperation culture, institutionalised form for collaboration and leadership
  • Current issues in educational research

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