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Course: Children want vision and to satisfy their curiosity

Scientific consolidation of subject didactic content (mathematics)

Admission requirements


Semester: 9 - Wahlpflichtfach

Cultural techniques


The aim of this course is to consolidate and deepen the didactic expertise in the subject didactics of mathematics. The students deal with current research results and subject didactic contributions, take a well-founded stand in research controversies, and use specialist literature for an in-depth, differentiating implementation in their own teaching.

  • Expansion of theoretical knowledge
  • Examination of specialist literature
  • In-depth look at and discussion of current research topics (mathematics)
  • Argumentative discussion of current research results and contributions to subject didactics (mathematics)
  • Discussion on the relevance of current research for teaching
  • Translating specialist literature into specific didactic planning
  • Reflective engagement with selected areas of mathematics
  • Expansion of the professional field of action in selected sub-areas under the aspect of optimised support and the promotion of learners in all subjects in heterogeneous learning groups

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