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Course: Children discover the world of numbers and shapes

Subject didactic fundamentals of arithmetic, geometry, and statistics

Admission requirements


Semester: 2

Cultural techniques


In this course, students expand their individual basic knowledge in the scientific discipline of mathematics and gain an overview of the contents of the primary school curriculum. They acquire specific expertise in the subject-didactic structure of number ranges, oral, semi-written, and written arithmetic operations, spatial orientation, and the fundamentals of geometry as well as simple statistical representation possibilities for describing facts. The students create differentiating learning environments in order to meet all giftedness levels as far as possible.

  • Examination of mathematical specialist literature and the curriculum of the Austrian primary school in mathematics
  • Structure and interconnection of the number spaces
  • Basic arithmetic operations with natural numbers, decimals, and fractions as standard oral, semi-written, and written procedures
  • Spatial orientation
  • Properties of geometric figures
  • Construction of simple geometric figures
  • Descriptive statistics - Collect, present, interpret, and evaluate data, mean value
  • Subject didactic analogue and digital teaching–learning concepts for mathematics lessons in heterogeneous learning groups

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