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Course: Children develop and learn in relationship

Developmental psychology and the multi-perspectivity of learning

Admission requirements


Semester: 1



All pedagogical guidance, upbringing, and education of children, youths, and adults builds on a deep understanding of developmental processes and the understanding of the changeable. Developmental and learning psychology combine pedagogical perception, thinking, and action with psychological, sociological, and pedagogical findings, among others, in order to analyse central aspects of development, learning, and cooperation and to bring these into a common context.

  • Selected aspects of educational psychology (e.g. historical, philosophical and anthropological foundations of education, images of humans)
  • Development of emotions as drivers of learning
  • Attachment theories and attachment development (bonding, relationship, and encounter)
  • Complementary paradigms of learning
  • Aspects of the Theory of Mind and mentalisation
  • Theories of moral–ethical development
  • Specific theories and models of developmental and learning psychology (including cognitive, motivational, volitional and emotional research; language development)
  • Development of a reflexive–researching attitude: Methods of scientific research using the example of development, learning, and attachment

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