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Course: Children learn in an equal opportunities school

Learning in the horizon of diversity and educational equity

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Semester: 1



Children are alike in that they are different. This unity in diversity is a valuable resource for their individual identity formation and active participation in the learning and global community. National and international developments on the topic of educational equity and inclusion form the starting point for the profile of schools and education in Austria today. This enriches teacher training and the teaching profession in pedagogical, ethical, and social dimensions.

  • Inseparability of learners at the primary level: Heterogeneity
  • Educational justice - human rights foundation; international discourses
  • Identification of diversity areas; intersectional diversity
  • Diversity and discrimination - "Group-related misanthropy" (Heitmeyer, 2002)
  • Learning and development from a diversity perspective
  • Inclusion as a transdisciplinary field of cooperation: Genesis and present
  • Inclusion standards
  • Models and theories of inclusive pedagogy

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