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Course: Children learn digitally

Teaching and learning with digital media, the design of digital learning spaces

Admission requirements


Semester: 1



Students qualify in the field of digital teaching and learning and the design of digital learning spaces. From the perspective of the leading media transformation, teaching and learning are fundamentally changing. The objectives of this course are to identify the social upheavals caused by digitalisation, to deal with them theoretically, and to transfer them into teaching practice. This includes, among other things, planning, preparing, designing, and evaluating lessons with digital media.

  • Living, teaching, and learning under the banner of digitality
  • Questions of technology ethics, media education, and biography,critical literacy
  • Create digital materials: Designing, modifying, and publishing materials for the classroom
  • Usufructuary right and copyright
  • The importance of media accessibility for the knowledge society and for inclusive learning processes
  • The use of learning platforms for teaching
  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of teaching and learning processes with digital media and learning environments

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