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Course: Children need teacher personalities

Orientation in the field of action school and educational reflection

Admission requirements


Semester: 2

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


The focus of this course is support in changing from the pupil to the teacher role and in developing responsibility for pedagogical action. Orientation in the field of practice is achieved through observation, (educational) scientific analysis, and reflection of pedagogical fields of action. The consideration of heterogeneous learners as well as the use of inclusive methods in learning contexts is implemented through the application of didactic planning models as well as through assisting learners.

  • Professional identity and orientation in the practical field of school (teaching practice)
  • Planning and implementation of selected teaching sequences (teaching practice)
  • Assisting with learning activities (teaching practice)
  • Teaching, educational tasks, and diversity in heterogeneous contexts
  • Organisational forms of instruction
  • Data collection methods of participant observation
  • Critical comparative transfer of basic knowledge of educational science to the professional field as well as theory-based analysis of pedagogical processes
  • Constructive forms of feedback

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