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Course: Children design texts

Writing of texts, acquisition of writing skills, guiding of writing processes, performance assessment

Admission requirements


Semester: 5

Cultural techniques


Writing instruction that integrates individual process support is the focus of this course. The aim is to build up a basic knowledge in the field of text skills and the acquisition of children’s writing skills on the basis of current developments in empirical didactics of writing. Students get to know a repertoire of writing strategies, action and production-oriented methods of writing didactics, and feedback conducive to learning. Targeted promotion and support measures are just as important as the acquisition of text evaluation skills and the consolidation of spelling skills.

  • Literary genres, text types
  • Writing development, writing socialisation, writing skills (including spelling skills)
  • Writing process and writing process models
  • Teaching and promotion of writing skills and writing strategies
  • Writing tasks, text type-specific use of learning and performance tasks
  • Creative and action-oriented methods of writing didactics from the beginning lessons onwards
  • Feedback on writing products to promote learning
  • Assessment of writing products; use of competence grids

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