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Course: Children discover the diversity of writing worlds

Didactics of reading and literature with reference to German as a second language

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Semester: 3

Cultural techniques


Reading and literature didactics builds on subject-specific knowledge of literary studies and subject-specific didactic concepts also in the context of German as a second language. This course focuses on reading analogue and digital media as well as the use of children’s and youth literature. Special attention is paid to individual learning starting points, different types of texts and learning environments, and materials appropriate to the target group.

  • Fundamentals of literary studies (concept of literature, literature in historical change, literature and media)
  • Areas of competence of reading and systematic didactics of reading (from reading motivation to reading skills and reading strategies to reading comprehension)
  • Subject-specific knowledge and subject-specific didactic concepts for differentiated, gender-appropriate reading, and literature didactics in German as a first and second language
  • Target group appropriate (literary) reading texts/textbooks/materials for lessons
  • Reading strategies and the teaching of these in dealing with literary as well as non-fiction and utility texts, especially also multimodal and non-linear texts and the possible applications of these in the classroom
  • Standardised remedial diagnostic procedures for language and reading screenings
  • Reading and language-supporting learning environments and creative handling of current children’s and youth literature in an (inter-)cultural context
  • Addressing literacy concepts in the context of heterogeneous groups and German as a second language
  • Linking of reading and developmentally appropriate writing in the interaction of analogue and digital media

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