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Course: Children experience learning in community

Learning in the horizon of inclusive didactics and communication

Admission requirements


Semester: 6



Knowledge of inclusive didactics, empirical classroom research, and its methodological and communication-related implications for inclusive teaching–learning settings are fundamental for the daily work in heterogeneous (e.g. linguistically diverse) classes. Starting from the subject-specific foundations of the educational areas, diversity-oriented approaches to educational content are worked out collaboratively in an interdisciplinary network. Testing takes place in project-related, didactic development spaces, where their further development is outlined with experts.

  • Theoretical framework of inclusive action: Models of inclusive didactics
  • Scientific foundation of inclusive action: Findings from classroom research with a focus on the subject areas mentioned under objectives and their implications for teaching in heterogeneous groups
  • Institutional framework of inclusive action: legal framework conditions of inclusion using the example of school-based language support (in particular, speech therapy education, German as a second language support models, and native language instruction)
  • Learning biographical prerequisites and responses to inclusive action: Scenarios of first and second language acquisition in a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective - Needs, strategies, milestones
  • Life-world experiences of inclusive action: Linguistic–communicative growth in everyday school and family life
  • Consistent language education as an inclusive task in all subjects: Communication promotion, language role models and tandems, cooperative teaching–learning forms
  • Cooperative development and design in inclusive action: Forms of work, learning materials, procedures of mutual learning, professional learning communities and their dynamics
  • Multi-perspective planning and organisation of learning in heterogeneous groups: Co-planning and co-teaching of interdisciplinary teaching–learning settings from mathematics, language/s, and Anthropocene/general studies in project-based, didactic development spaces.

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