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Course: Children learn in many ways

Multi-perspectivity of teaching–learning cultures

Admission requirements


Semester: 7



In order to be able to design learning, different teaching–learning cultures and skill-oriented learning are required: Recognising, distinguishing, and assessing teaching–learning cultures as well as characteristics of good teaching enables students to develop a multi-perspectivity on learning in order to meet pedagogical challenges and needs in a professional, innovative, and creative way.

  • Guiding ideas and reflections on education and upbringing in relation to teaching–learning cultures
  • History of ideas of learning and teaching as well as reform pedagogical innovations
  • Skill orientation (including History of ideas of skills, activation and depth of processing, knowledge networking and metacognition, lifeworld application, critical reference norm orientation)
  • Multiperspectivity of teaching–learning cultures (including inquiry learning, genetic learning, cooperative learning, learning through variations, philosophical learning, transformative learning, learning through vignettes; mathetics and mindfulness of learning)
  • Characteristics of good teaching in relation to skills orientation and teaching–learning cultures
  • Taxonomies of learning
  • Pedagogical diagnostics as the teaching of cognition in relation to different teaching–learning cultures
  • Skill-oriented performance assessment
  • Research ethics in relation to learning and teaching

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