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Course: Children speak many languages

Teaching and learning in a multilingual society with CLIL

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8

Social peace


Language education / MSP


In a migration society, it is important to bring different cultures into dialogue with each other. Children’s experiences and ideas are often tied to their everyday language. Teachers support children in finding individual ways to use educational language in order to present facts and contexts in a linguistically appropriate manner. A conscious approach to linguistic and cultural diversity requires teachers and learners to grow in their understanding of different cultural influences that enter the classroom. This intercultural approach corresponds to multi-perspective, content-, and language-integrated teaching and learning in a multilingual context.


- Multilingualism as a characteristic feature of migration societies
- Teaching and learning with CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in a multilingual society
- Analysis of curricula in the context of CLIL
- The "Next Development Zone" and teaching with "Scaffolding"
- Identification of appropriate content and language goals with the help of learner profiles
- Meta-cognitive goals in second language acquisition
- German as a second language in language-sensitive subject teaching
- Guiding pupils towards language observation and comparison at several linguistic levels

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