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Course: Children present themselves

Discover, testing, and didactically implement artistic modes of presentation

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP, "Musical foundations" entrance exam

Semester: 8

Social peace


Cultural pedagogy


Starting from one’s own self-concept and one’s own body as a direct expression of communication and design, scenic play is experimentally tried out. Conflict situations are depicted, reflected upon, and further developed by means of fictitious persons. Improvisations in other artistic–aesthetic areas are planned and/or spontaneously realised in invented situations. The fundamentals of verbal/non-verbal and artistic expression and dialogue design are learned and put into practice in a playful manner. Pictures and other forms of artistic expression (including work pieces, music, dance) can be used as impulses for artistic processes. Self-awareness and self-efficacy in forms of artistic communication are developed and strengthened, and a new perspective on artistic processes in different social forms is developed.


- One’s own self-concept and the human body as a means of experience, design, and expression
- Scenic play and learning in all artistic areas
- Acting with presented figures and in communicative conflict situations
- Planned and spontaneous action in fictional situations and figures - Improvisation
- Ways of visual arts and music as design processes
- Fundamentals of leading conversations and team development

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