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Course: Children can deal with narratives productively

Migration education and multi-perspective narratives in art and culture

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8

Social peace


Cultural pedagogy


A central task of migration education is to deal with the question of how the natio-ethno-cultural other is produced under conditions of migration and what contribution pedagogical discourses and pedagogical practices make to this. Students get to know about the diversity of narration. They deal with how content and information are conveyed through narration and what intentions are pursued in the process. The art of storytelling in its diversity - verbal, tonal, vocal, visual, performative - is experienced through examples. The students register, sensitise, and locate their individual approaches to the topic and develop their own focuses in artistic expression, which they implement and present didactically in artistic–aesthetic concepts. Successful dialogue and communication are trained and tested.

  • In-depth examination of the topic of narration and related areas
  • Development of an awareness of the dimensions in which narratives manifest themselves in human history and how they unfold their effectiveness in social interaction
  • Analysis and exploration of the transmediality of narrative and the narrative potential of artworks, products of everyday aesthetics, and artistic processes
  • Deciphering artworks and artistic actions and using them as narrative impulses
  • Narrative dimensions of the child’s concept of image and design
  • Independently develop, implement, and present didactic concepts and projects

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