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Course: Children discover the world of literature

Literary education in a multilingual context: Reading

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8

Cultural techniques


Language education / MSP


The students deepen their knowledge of literary science and literary history. They reflect on the importance of reading socialisation in the context of first and second language acquisition as well as in the living foreign language English. In this course, they will get to know about diverse methodological–didactic possibilities of teaching literature and culture, especially with regard to children’s and youth literature. They design theory-based action and production-oriented learning scenarios for literary learning and literary classroom discussions.

  • Consolidation of basic knowledge of literary studies and literary history
  • Reading and media in family and environment
  • Didactic models for literary learning
  • Didactic models for action and production-oriented literature teaching
  • The literary classroom discussion as a cultural practice
  • Variety of methods for individualised support in the area of reading in the first and second language as well as in the living foreign language English
  • Inter- and transcultural experiences in German and English in the encounter with children’s and youth literature

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