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Course: Children experience the world in a new language

German as a second language

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7

Cultural techniques


Language education / MSP


In this course, students get to know about the grammatical progression in the acquisition of German as a second language and various procedures based on this for assessing the language level of pupils with a non-German first language. They critically compare these and acquire application knowledge for carrying out individual language level observations in the context of the entire learning group. On this basis, they develop individualised support plans and design heterogeneity-friendly concepts for language-supportive teaching.

  • Heterogeneity of linguistic expression and development of language level
  • Procedures for observing linguistic expression and determining language level
  • Critical consideration of different diagnostic procedures for assessing the language level
  • Application knowledge of the instruments of language level observation and the procedures of language level assessment in heterogeneous classes
  • Interpretation of the results with regard to the individual prerequisites and potentials of the pupils
  • Individualised language support on a diagnostic basis in the form of support plans
  • Variety of methods for the implementation of diagnostically supported language teaching in heterogeneous learning groups

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