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Course: Children enter into dialogue with the world

Enabling spaces for the (subject) didactic development of teaching–learning scenarios

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8

Cultural techniques


Inclusive pedagogy


In terms of the theory-practice nexus, students develop and test diversity-sensitive teaching–learning scenarios with reference to their subject didactic knowledge. This takes place in didactic testing spaces in which students can apply, discuss, and reflect on the (subject) didactic knowledge they have acquired in the course of their studies for open and common scenarios. Project-oriented work and Universal Design for Learning receive special attention here.

  • Research-based analysis of published teaching–learning scenarios on procedures for language-sensitive teaching and CLIL
  • Analysis of mathematical tasks
  • Examination of teaching–learning scenarios in the teaching of other subjects (subject matter, creative subjects, sport, digital education)
  • Independent, curriculum-related conception of diversity-sensitive teaching–learning scenarios in one of the aforementioned contexts or across contexts with a focus on learning opportunities
  • Documentation of the designed teaching–learning scenarios, taking into account educational and technical language, technical didactic, and technical content criteria
  • Evaluation criteria and evaluation of the designed teaching–learning scenarios with regard to accessibility and educational goals
  • Joint further development of the designed teaching–learning scenarios with peers and, if applicable, subject didacticians

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