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Course: Children learn the foreign language English

English as a Foreign Language in Primary Education – Foundations

Admission requirements


Semester: 4

Cultural techniques


In order to enable pupils to develop basic linguistic communicative skills in the living foreign language English, teachers need to create real-life, child-centred, and cognitively stimulating situations that enable the development of language ability from Pre-A1 to A1. To this end, they must master the necessary linguistic tools, are familiar with age-appropriate language learning strategies and methodological–didactic strategies of joyful and content-integrative foreign language teaching, and be able to apply these on the basis of linguistic principles.

  • Linguistic fundamentals and methodological–didactic approaches for communicative and activity-oriented foreign language teaching
  • Backward learning design and skill-oriented development of receptive, productive, and dynamic skills in English lessons
  • Formative feedback and learning supportive scaffolding in the English classroom
  • Analysis, adaptation, and development of teaching and learning materials in English lessons
  • Methodological–didactic and linguistic foundations of content-integrative English teaching
  • Living Foreign language English as a means of professional communication

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