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Course: Children explore natural phenomena

Scientific methods of acquiring knowledge

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Encounters with nature


The aim of this course is to consolidate the biological, chemical, and physical knowledge of the students. The focus is on gaining knowledge by means of scientific research methods. The aim is to emphasise the relevance of the reference sciences biology, physics, and chemistry for the general studies at the primary level and to work out possibilities for the didactic use of these on the basis of content relevant to the Anthropocene – also with a view to strengthening area-specific self-concepts of the pupils.

  • Consolidation of basic biological, chemical, and physical knowledge through discussion of German and English-language specialist literature (evolution and history of development; chemical reaction, states of aggregation, safety in dealing with hazardous substances, chemistry in everyday life; physical systems, interactions, astronomy and its contribution to the human world view)
  • Natural phenomena and the child’s lifeworld; development of the child’s biological, chemical, and physical understanding of the world with regard to global responsibility, education for sustainable development, and environmental protection
  • Scientific working methods: Trail and experiment as a method of knowledge (planning, testing, and reflection of trials and experiments on selected contents)
  • Didactic reduction of subject-specific content for the primary level; concept of model and didactic use of models in general studies
  • Dealing with gender constructions, reflexive co-education

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