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Course: Communicate and interact with children

Pedagogy of communication and interaction

Admission requirements


Semester: 4



The pedagogy of communication and interaction represents a fundamental aspect for learning and teaching processes in the classroom. In this course, in addition to the fundamentals of communication and interaction theory, various topics are dealt with in depth and in an applied way; these include conducting conversations (e.g. with parents) as well as the interaction and moderation of groups or dealing with conflicts in the school context.

  • Theories and models of communication, interaction, and cooperation (including sociological, psychological–pedagogical, and communication theories)
  • Professional understanding and reflection (including social, cultural, economic, and ecological structures and processes as conditions for professional and personal development)
  • Applied communication and interaction (e.g. components of expression and effect of communication, active listening, models of accompaniment, and feedback such as pupil and parent interviews)
  • Group dynamic processes
  • Communication, interaction, and conflict
  • Development of a reflexive–researching attitude: Methods of scientific research using the example of communication and interaction

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