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Course: Children learn at school locations with lived multilingualism

Teaching and learning in a multilingual society

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Language education / MSP


In education, language is less than ever a single language. At school locations with living multilingualism, children meet others whose family, cultural, and religious roots can be fundamentally different. An appreciative approach to multilingualism and linguistic diversity succeeds on the basis of subject-specific and specialised linguistic knowledge according to the current state of language learning and teaching research.

  • School locations with living multilingualism: specific challenges and pedagogical tasks
  • Fields of action and tasks of teachers in multilingual settings
  • Didactic models for inclusive teaching and learning forms in multilingual classrooms
  • Structural understanding of languages as a basis for diversity-sensitive encounters
  • Minority languages of Europe and Austria and perspectives for their promotion in the education system
  • Use of alternative communication, language, and writing systems in co-curricular activities
  • Language portraits and language biographies
  • Raising awareness of different language registers and forms of communication

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