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Course: Children enjoy learning

Individualisation and potential-oriented coaching

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Learning coaching


The central dimensions of coaching include the analysis of the learning starting points. Essential criteria for the observation of individual learning requirements are guided and analysed in their relevance for teaching–learning processes. In their solution-oriented function, the teacher becomes a learning coach with corresponding advisory and support skills. This potential-oriented approach is complemented by knowledge about current findings on giftedness research.

  • Heterogeneity and learning requirements: Observation of learning and analysis of cognitive learning starting points and aspects of perception
  • Child development and transition
  • Teacher as learning coach: Tasks and understanding of roles
  • Elements of the coaching: Dimensions and methods
  • Fundamentals of research on giftedness and talented people
  • Giftedness models
  • Learning culture that promotes giftedness

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