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Course: Children realise themselves II

Moderation of world realities II

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Inclusive pedagogy


The professional everyday life of teachers is characterised by diverse demands because of the diversity of learners. In preparation for this, aspects of development including possible barriers and resources, the associated diagnostics, and the legally prescribed possibilities are addressed with a focus on the cognitive and motor areas. The aim is to achieve the necessary skills for inclusion-oriented work in a heterogeneous learning group.

  • Use of pedagogical observations and diagnoses for lesson design with special consideration of the areas of study German and mathematics
  • Identification of resources and barriers for individual, joint, and reciprocal learning
  • Diversity-sensitive and inclusion-oriented developmental support in compliance with all legal options (alternative curricula, curriculum supplements, performance assessment, acceleration)
  • Pedagogical guidance and intervision processes: Design and participation
  • Pedagogical guidance of transition processes
  • Planning, organisation, and evaluation of inclusive teaching–learning scenarios in heterogeneous groups
  • Diversity-oriented research perspectives of learning and development in the field of cognition and motor skills

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