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Course: Children realise themselves I

Moderation of world realities I

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Inclusive pedagogy


Cognition and motor skills play a significant role in learning processes. Based on complex learning biographies with a focus on human rights and human dignity, students deal with components of child development in connection with different requirements for learning and their meaning connection with cognition and motor skills as well as linked social–emotional opportunities and challenges in heterogeneous learning groups. Research findings show students ways to create a learning culture that promotes giftedness.

  • Human rights and human dignity: diversity-oriented discourses, complex learning biographies, and intersectionality
  • Learning–theoretical rationales for different learning starting points; learning and development issues
  • Cognitive and motor process barriers and resources with a focus on specific learning requirements
  • Consolidation of the scientific fundamentals of giftedness research
  • Learning culture that promotes giftedness
  • Social–emotional contexts: Opportunities and challenges on an individual and group dynamic level
  • Modern communication systems to enable the (inter-)active participation of all in the classroom

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