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Course: Children perceive themselves and others I

Educational processes and the diversity of perception

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Inclusive pedagogy


Sensory perceptions, especially hearing and seeing, and perceptual processing play a significant role in learning processes. Based on complex learning biographies, the students deal with components of child development in the context of perceptual processes and related social–emotional opportunities and challenges in heterogeneous learning communities. Current research findings offer a diversity-oriented view of learning potentials and barriers (e.g. in the area of communication support).

  • Complex learning biographies and intersectionality
  • Development as an unconditional claim to the educational process - Components of development
  • Identification and analysis of sensory perceptual abilities (especially hearing and seeing) as well as of perceptual processing with a view to potentials for learning
  • Diversity-oriented research perspectives of learning and development in the field of perception
  • (Written) language and communication systems as a resource and/or barrier in the context of sensory perceptual abilities
  • Social–emotional contexts: Opportunities and challenges on an individual and group dynamic level

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