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Course: Children explore the everyday world of textiles

Design – technology – consumption

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Cultural pedagogy


A sound knowledge of consumption and production cycles using textiles as an example is necessary in order to be able to teach pupils at the primary level a reflective use of natural resources and raw materials in the subject of design and technology/handicrafts. The resulting understanding of economics, ecology, and sustainability as well as of technology assessment and product ethics makes it possible to lay the foundation for reflective action and a critical view of the human-designed environment within the framework of teaching.

  • Scientific, economic–geographical, and ecological conditions of the extraction and production of textile raw materials
  • Processing and manufacturing of textiles (production sites, working conditions in the manufacturing countries); critical and mature examination of constructs of consumption
  • Cultural-historical and ethnological development of textiles and the socio-cultural significance of clothing and fashion
  • Development and design of objects from textile resources (upcycling) using textile processing techniques; reflection on initial situation, material, production process, and result
  • Conceptual understanding of sustainability and globalisation using the example of textiles
  • Didactic concepts for sustainable, environmentally conscious and reflective action as well as the planning and methodical implementation of these on the basis of textile–technological content

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