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Course: Children grow beyond themselves

Learning in the horizon of life and dialogue worlds

Admission requirements


Semester: 3



The individual lifeworld of the children is essential for the educational process. Individual and collective learning opportunities need to be considered ecosystemically in order to ensure participation and equity. The students deal with issues of communication, diagnostics of different learning performances, and behaviours in the classroom and can use supportive performance assessment to plan individual learning opportunities and organise joint learning situations.

  • Discourses in educational science on learning starting points, learning biographies, and participation
  • Educational science fundamentals of data-based observation procedures and formative diagnostic possibilities
  • Fundamentals of giftedness research
  • Prejudice-conscious learning assessment as well as performance assessment and evaluation; assessment of learning - assessment for learning
  • Heterogeneity and intersectionality; identification of barriers and resources in the context of learning and participation
  • Language for all: Inclusive communication and language systems and assistive technologies
  • Professional communication, cooperation, and consultation
  • Guidance of transition processes

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