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Course: Children design movement

Development support

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP, "Sports motor fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 8



Exercise, sport and health


This courses opens up the essential components of interaction and learning. Perception and motor skills as well as rhythm and language are embedded in subject didactic concepts and support measures, and connections between motor skills and language acquisition are made recognisable. Dancing and musical–creative movement actions are to be used in a way that promotes development, and their effect on a positive self-concept is to be understood and evaluated.

  • Perception and senses
  • Sensory integration, psychomotricity, motopedagogy
  • Motor skills - holistic, concerning child development, health, physiological
  • Rhythmics as a learning support
  • Connection between motor skills, rhythm, and language acquisition
  • Dance as a creative event in which movement is given meaning in its playful, emotional, and communicative aspects
  • Train rhythmic capabilities and inter-sport coordination
  • Dealing with the classical hand apparatuses of rhythmic gymnastics (ball, hoop, rope) for a meaningful use in the school

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