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Course: Children want to perform

Ability, performance, will

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP, "Sports motor fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 8



Exercise, sport and health


The aims of this course are to develop insights into the dualism of ability and will and to make the relationship between body and mind the subject of conscious perception within the framework of demanding movement actions. Psychophysical resilience is promoted, physical exertion has a positive connotation, and courage is developed through experience and daring in a safety-oriented setting.

  • Practical–methodical exercises in the subject area of athletics
  • Deepening didactic insights into diverse running, throwing, and jumping activities
  • Movement tasks to train body awareness
  • Alternative organisational and competitive forms in the indoor and outdoor area
  • Sports motor test systems
  • Creatively overcoming obstacles
  • Playful bouldering
  • Climbing on artificial walls for children
  • Alternative climbing training in a playful form in the gym

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