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Course: Children practise sport

School sport as an educational mission

Admission requirements

STEOP, "Sports motor fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 6



The aim of this course is to teach specific sport motor skills. The aim is to develop and consolidate a versatile range of movement skills. Understanding school sport as an essential educational goal should also be the intention of this course. The sport pedagogical ability to act is promoted through playful movement actions in the practical field of school and in the context of health- and performance-supporting learning environments in the inclusive setting.

The development of diversity-oriented gender competence leads to a professional and reflective approach in a school characterised by heterogeneous lifeworlds.

  • Varied running, throwing, and jumping in children’s athletics
  • Plan, design, conduct, and experience competitions
  • Standardised and free/alternative forms of movement on the floor and on apparatuses (parkouring)
  • Methodology and legal fundamentals for beginners’ swimming, swimming styles, high diving, and diving
  • Water as a field of experience and movement
  • Inventing and presenting games in an inclusive setting
  • Reflective gender pedagogy and gender equality

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