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Course: Children perceive movement

Perception-oriented movement actions

Admission requirements

STEOP, "Sports motor fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 3



The knowledge and abilities necessary for the conception and implementation of movement-oriented design processes in different environments are to be acquired in this course. Models of correlations and effects of movement on cognitive performance should prepare the students for successful lesson design. An understanding of the game, the ability to play, and rule awareness in the field of sports games are developed.

Basic questions of national and global value systems are analysed and discussed on the basis of concrete examples (general studies - social science skills).

  • Mini-games and methodical game series
  • Postural gymnastics and simple acrobatic movement forms
  • Motopedagogy, sensorimotor skills, rhythm, equilibristics
  • Music-supported movement activities and simple and intuitive dances and choreographies
  • Methodology of teaching beginners in the learning field of ice skating on artificial or natural ice surfaces
  • Methodology of gymnastic movement forms with and without hand apparatus
  • Forms of play and exercise with everyday materials
  • Participation aspects and democracy education
  • Making an understanding of democracy tangible

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