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Course: Children discover visual learning spaces

Artistic learning spaces

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Cultural pedagogy


Art and communication form the basis for the visual learning spaces. Examples are selected from the flood of visual phenomena of the present and the past; these are perceived in their image quality and reflected upon. The concept of the image thus becomes tangible and graspable. The image is then analysed and deciphered as an individual, conscious/unconscious impulse generator. The students critically engage with the everyday interactions of the consumer world and thereby develop new cognitive spaces. The students find their individual way to aesthetic concepts and artistic ideas through their personal aesthetic resonance experience. In the theoretical and practical discussion, aesthetic statements that find their didactic expression in practical school planning are formulated. There is thus the possibility of developing one’s own visual focus because a more in-depth artistic exploration is enabled.

  • Confrontation with art and communication
  • Observation of visual phenomena of the past and present
  • Dimensions of the concept of the image and its location in the curriculum of primary didactics
  • Reflective, informed engagement with visual attractions in art history and contemporary art as well as consumer and media worlds
  • Reflection and feedback culture
  • Awareness of one’s own subjective aesthetic perception and its effect on cognitive processes
  • In-depth, artistic–aesthetic further development of the personal focus of interest with didactic implementations

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