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Course: Children discover creative spaces – handicrafts

Handicrafts – aesthetic design spaces

Admission requirements


Semester: 4



Skill-oriented teaching concepts in the subject of handicrafts enable students to deal with contemporary materials and media and create references to their lifeworld. They enable the teaching of crafts to be shaped in a learning-oriented and productive manner in order to initiate creative processes and to support their implementation. Socio-cultural, economic, and personal decisions and processes of action with regard to consumer behaviour, attitudes, choice of materials, and use of resources are to be made visible and reflected upon.

  • Teaching of didactic principles for skill-oriented teaching in the (new) subject of handicrafts in the sense of the educational mission of the Austrian curriculum (handicrafts)
  • Basic engagement with aesthetic education and artistic–technical learning opportunities
  • Dealing with materials and their properties, safety regulations, and use and maintenance of machines
  • Development of own questions and approaches to solutions, generation of manufacturing processes, and reflection on achievements and results
  • Ability to carry out interdisciplinary projects and with external cooperation partners at dislocated sites
  • Linguistic and methodological–didactic means for the implementation of content-integrative art and English lessons

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