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Course: Children build bridges

Technology – mechanics – work

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Encounters with nature


The thematic focuses in this course are building and construction, the exploration of technology and work, and the use of technology in the Anthropocene. The students deepen their subject-specific knowledge as well as their knowledge of the didactic–methodical teaching of technical contexts at the primary level. Furthermore, technical and historical developments and the effects of globalisation as well as the significance of researchers and inventors in terms of reflexive gender education and equality in the context of career and life orientation are addressed.

  • Consolidation of basic knowledge in the areas of technology and mechanics in discussion with specialist literature
  • Planning of interdisciplinary teaching projects on building and construction (stability, tools, devices, machines) under the aspect of ecological ethics (environmental ethics); problem-solving processes and the development of alternatives
  • Interactions between humans and their technical world as well as historical perspectives of scientific and social progress: significant scientific–technical inventions and their inventors
  • Insights into different life and professional worlds as well as the development of technical professions/skilled trades in a gender-specific context with the inclusion of German and English-language non-fiction picture books and children’s non-fiction books as well as analogue and digital games as source material for lessons
  • In-depth study of "oral history" and theory-based research and development of historical sources (e.g. archives, local history museum, technical museum, work with contemporary witnesses)

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