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Course: Children experience safety

Be responsible for teaching

Admission requirements

Children need community

Semester: 6

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


The focus of this course is the responsible assumption of thematically and organisationally related teaching activities over a longer period of time. The students deal with the complexity of school reality and develop a critical distance to their own actions.

  • Planning and implementation of subject-specific, subject-didactically, and pedagogically sound lessons (teaching practice)
  • Shaping of social relationships and learning processes (teaching practice)
  • Dealing with conflicts in a solution-oriented manner (teaching practice)
  • Takeover of administrative tasks
  • Digital media in the context of school (teaching practice)
  • Classroom management (teaching practice)
  • Subject-specific and subject-didactic reflection on pedagogically sound teaching
  • Consultation in pedagogical processes (e.g. parent work)
  • Empirical and didactic reflection and evaluation

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