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Course: Children are on the trail of nature

Didactics of explorative–discovering learning in the learning area of nature

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Encounters with nature


Bringing pupils closer to experiencing significant natural phenomena and supporting them in developing scientific thinking succeeds through a didactic approach that emphasises inquiry-based learning. The course focuses on learning at primary experience sites and, based on the prior knowledge of the students, teaches didactic principles and methods that are designed to encourage pupils at the primary level to assume, question, reflect, argue, and draw conclusions based on examples from the real-life environment.

  • Research–discovery learning in the field/at extracurricular learning sites (e.g. forests, meadows, moors, and wetlands): Field trips as a method of science and phenomena-oriented teaching at the primary level
  • The influence of humans on nature with regard to the use, change, and design of natural and living spaces in the sense of environmental education for sustainable development; comparison of scientific concepts with the everyday ideas of children
  • Analysis of basic interrelationships in selected natural and designed habitats on the basis of specialist literature and their inclusion in general studies as a foundation for theory-based learning opportunities
  • Planning and carrying out of tests and experiments in the context of environmental education for sustainable development
  • Special features of the didactic–methodical design of science lessons at the primary level
  • Linguistic and methodological didactic means for the implementation of content-integrative science lessons and English lessons at the primary level

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