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Course: Children want to live relationship

Guiding learning processes

Admission requirements

Children experience school

Semester: 4

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


The aim of this course is to impart in-depth skills for planning, implementing, and reflecting on learning outcome-oriented teaching in interdisciplinary learning areas through collaborative planning and peer-evaluated reflection (lesson studies). The subject didactic analysis, including professional knowledge as well as empirical–didactic methods, offers the possibility for a successful pedagogical design of learning and teaching units.

  • Planning and reflection of lessons and individual learning processes in lesson studies settings (teaching practice)
  • Design of differentiation-sensitive teaching and collaborative ways of working for learners (teaching practice)
  • Promotion of group processes (teaching practice)
  • Didactic justification of creative learning spaces and learning settings
  • Profession-oriented teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration

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