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Course: Children experience school

Planning and shaping lessons

Admission requirements

Children need teacher personalities

Semester: 3

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


Attitude and relationship are of particular importance in the context of school. This course aims to further develop personality traits specific to the profession. The transfer of subject-specific, didactic, and educational science knowledge into concrete teaching and learning experiences of the students, the selection and justified use of teaching materials and digital media, and the planning, implementation, and reflection of lessons are essential elements of this course. The necessary consideration of the mindfulness of learning of the pupils is achieved through the targeted use of differentiation-sensitive teaching methods.

  • Planning and reflection of lessons (teaching practice)
  • Educational tasks and the importance of attitude and relationship for learning (teaching practice)
  • Digital media in the classroom (teaching practice)
  • Mindfulness of learning in individual and collaborative learning contexts
  • Subject-related didactic and methodological analysis
  • Models and methods of general didactics/primary level didactics and relevant concepts of lesson planning

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