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Course: Children experience environmental phenomena

Physical, chemical, and technical fundamentals for general studies

Admission requirements


Semester: 4



The goals of general studies are perceiving natural phenomena and developing resilient ideas and concepts. In this course, subject-specific scientific and subject-specific didactic fundamentals of the reference disciplines physics, chemistry, and technology (sub-discipline mechanics) are taught in order to be able to accompany and guide pupils in exploring and dealing with basic questions of the human–nature relationship. The students link subject didactic research results with their own practical school experiences in order to acquire design skills in the sense of the Conceptual Change model.

  • Materials and their changes
  • Forces and their effects
  • Stability in technical structures
  • Fundamentals of optics
  • Energy and matter
  • Subject didactic fundamentals; introduction to physical, chemical, and technical working methods in the context of the primary level

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