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Course: Children are satisfied all over the world

I promise: “To educate myself on behalf of lifelong learning: In creative thinking and design, in the acquisition of subject-specific knowledge and the responsible application thereof, in communication, critical debate, and tolerance as well as in global and personal social cooperation”. (Excerpt from the pledge formula of the Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich, 2019)

Admission requirements


Semester: 10

Social peace


The fundamentals and central resource of a modern knowledge society are learning and dealing with change. Transition phases (child - pupil and student - teacher) are networked in order to enable lifelong learning. This course aims to improve self-direction as a basis for lifelong learning. This means being a personal role model, promoting Socratic curiosity, imparting knowledge, developing skills, pointing out and initiating ways of acquiring knowledge independently, promoting potential and talents individually, facilitating individual learning paths, communicating cultural identity, promoting internationality, proactively assuming responsibility for education and upbringing, not avoiding social problems, working in a team-oriented and collegial manner, dealing with social changes and understanding the development of one’s own pedagogical activity as a professional mission. The in-depth examination of Europe has become an indispensable task of the Austrian school.

  • Satisfaction as a result of coping and its effect on the school
  • Concepts for life long learning
  • Critical comparative transfer of basic knowledge of educational science to the professional field
  • Professional awareness based on knowledge and networked knowledge as well as on the variety of abilities to actively accompany young people up to the age of 10 years in a protective and supportive manner and to guide personal responsibility in an age-appropriate manner
  • The specific tasks of transition research in the context of transition pedagogy
  • Aspects of the acquisition of skills in transitional phases
  • Transitions (I - You - We: Micro-, Meso-, Macro-, and Meta-levels)
  • Contributions from school-related cooperation research on strengthening collegiality (peer systems, tutoring, coaching, mentoring, and professional learning communities)
  • The European Dimension - Europe as the greatest peace project in world history
  • European intellectual history, European political education

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