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Course: Children discover new worlds across borders

International project work: English in a professional context and language travel

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Semester: 5 - Wahlpflichtfach

Social peace


communicating successfully across linguistic and cultural boundaries is an essential contribution to promote mutual understanding and tolerance. Effective international communication meets the needs of a multilingual and multicultural educational world in a united Europe. The elective subject English offers students the opportunity to develop linguistic, social, and interpersonal skills through a stay in an English-speaking country in the course of a language trip, the completion of a language course, or through international project work. They consolidate their knowledge of English as an international language in a professional context and can communicate and interact professionally with teachers of other languages and cultures.


- Development of communicative skills in English in relation to current issues at the primary level
- Pedagogical approaches in English-language primary schools with a focus on the cultural and intercultural lifeworld of the pupils
- Collaborative portfolio work in international teams for the planning, development, and reflection on peace-building learning opportunities

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